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How High is Too High for Rising Government Bond Yields?

The two day rise in the gold price of more than US$50 fizzled out on Tuesday. The gold price is down about 7% (in US dollar terms) since its year-to-date high set on January 6. It is also down 13% from its all-time high set in August 2020. The silver price, boosted by social media […]

Are Cryptocurrencies the Tulips of the 21st Century

Investor sentiment in gold and silver market has turned quiet of late. Record setting levels in equity markets are one culprit for sure. Another is the exciting drama about GameStop investors who are “sticking it to the suits”. However, the most recent buzz is all about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin’s revival and skyrocket to over US$52,000, […]


Gold posts its first loss in 11 sessions as Trump’s speech ebbs Iran war worries

China and Russia Are Buying Gold and They Don’t Care How Much It Costs

Gold Is Overvalued in Short-Term, Says Goldcore’s O’Byrne

Gold Is Overvalued in Short-Term, Says Goldcore’s O’Byrne